Between the Lives by Jessica Shirvington

Wow! This fantastic standalone caught me completely unawares and left me desperate to review it. I was fully absorbed in the character’s life (no, lives). For lead character Sabine hasn’t got one life, one home, or even one family.

In one life, Sabine is an off-beat rebel, with two hardworking parents, an adorable sister who worships the ground she walks on, and a similarly rebellious best friend called Capri. She lives in Roxbury, Boston.

Every night, at midnight, she Shifts to her life in Wellesley, Boston, where she will go to Harvard, has an assured social status, a beautiful home, two annoying older brothers, and the picture-perfect boyfriend.

All Sabine has ever wanted is to live one life, and one life only. But when she discovers a glitch that could allow her to do so, which life will she choose?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Sabine’s lives, her perspectives, and her choices. I found the Shifts between the lives seamless and logical, and the ending was beautiful to read.

This novel could be recommended to age twelve and up, and if you get half of the joy I got from this story, you will have gotten near euphoria, and a fresh perspective on life.

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