Wundersmith – The Calling of Morrigan Crow Review

Here we are, a year to the day of prominent fantastical story Nevermoor’s release, and I have just been hit with Wundersmith, the exciting and suspenseful newly-released sequel.

For those who were expecting an easy ride, and the la-di-dah of a stereotypical Chosen One story…SNAP OUT OF IT NOW. While Wundersmith is as littered with charm and giggles as Nevermoor, the tension has significantly risen, providing the wundrous setting with dark backstreets, crooks, and tricksy lanes…

Even within the safe institute of the Wundrous Society, trouble and betrayal is stirring, and lead character Morrigan Crow is forced to use the power she holds, even if that means her being educated by her worst enemies.

Filled with twists, turns, ridiculous Hallowmas costumes, lies, truth, and hilarious hotel staff, Wundersmith is a unique and fascinating tale, breaking the mould and deceiving even the sharpest of plot-twist detectors. I recommend this to all ages, and to anyone thirsty for a new read, even those who prefer real-life fiction, for underneath the Gossamer of enchanting cities and societies lies the simple message:

Be loyal and trusting to one another.

And anyone who disagrees can expect Fenestra the Magnificat to make their bedrooms stink for all eternity.