Toto The Ninja Cat and the Great Snake Escape – A Review

Having met the real Toto before reading her story, I feel like kicking myself for not taking a closer look at her…but then again, I won’t kid myself into thinking I would be able to spot a ninja!

Toto the Ninja Cat is a delightful story revolving around Toto, a blind cat from Italy who is actually a ninja, Silver, her ever-supportive brother, and the most popular cat in town, known as Catface, whom the pair meets soon after their arrival in London.

The story is littered with morals, lessons, and surprises, making it a fun read for all ages (though probably a story best for ages 4-10). The London locations make this story exciting and relatable for Londoners, and non-Londoners alike.

This is the wide-age group bedtime story we’ve been waiting for, and I intend to buy it for my young friends and cousins this Christmas.

As the host of the X-Factor, writer Dermot O’Leary is usually the one to lead the applause, but for this fantastic piece of literature he can sit back and be the recipient. 👏👏👏