Toto the Ninja Cat and the Incredible Cheese Heist – A Review

Toto the Ninja Cat has returned yet again, with higher stakes, more laughs, and far less…cheese!

That’s right, all of the cheese in the world has been stolen, and a feeling of gloom has settled over London. Toto, a fully fledged ninja cat, and her sister Silver, a fledging ninja cat, have been appointed the task of finding out where the cheese has gotten to.

Their search takes them from pubs that test you with sour milk to ships with the most purrible cat villains, but can they save the day in time? Are they good enough to be trusted with such an important task?

This is a charming book that seamlessly and purrfectly accompanies the first novel, and can make even the most sceptical child crack a grin. Open up your copy, and settle down for an animated bedtime read with your own ninja cats nestled in the pillows.

Cheers with top-of-the-range milk in Martini glasses to the multitalented writer Dermot O’Leary and to the brilliant illustrator, Nick East.