Hello readers! I’m very sorry not to have been carrying on with my Twelve Tales of Faith. Rest assured, they will be completed and I have three drafts almost ready to publish.

Six posts not written by me have popped up since last I checked. I am getting technical assistance as I type, and ask those who may have seen the posts to reply to this comment if it ever happens again. I also would like to ask the person writing these comments to set up their own website, as some of their concepts regarding men would be of interest to several people who actually want to read what they have to say, but leave mayaleher.com alone.

Before the next instalments of the Twelve Tales of Faith come up, I will be publishing a review of a new book by 19-year-old blogger and writer Lucy Powrie, a story called The Paper and Hearts Society about Book Addicts just like you and me.

Happy reading!

On the concept of Faith…

Dear faithful readers – but wait, what do we define faithful as? How do we define faith?

It is defined online as:

NOUN . 1.complete trust or confidence in someone or something.

But that really doesn’t encompass the full scope of faith, does it? One can have faith in a person, a cause, a religion, a way of being…the list is endless. So for the next twelve days I will be writing Twelve Tales of Faith, ranging from the already published 1934 Tale of a young German boy’s faith in the man on the television set, to a 1996 Tale of a couple’s faith in one another.

Enjoy the Faith Franchise, my faith-ful readers!