New short story – Lady

“Lady” was a short story I wrote on Lady Macbeth a few months ago. I was deeply moved by studying Macbeth in school, and enjoyed the opportunity to find humanity in such an infamous character.

I find something about the idea of female characters spiralling out of control fascinating. The concept of female rage has been explored a lot post-MeToo, but I think it’s been bubbling away under the surface of mythologies and histories since time immemorial.

I might write an essay on the idea soon, but for now, enjoy “Lady“. is back!

After a bit of a break, this website is back up and running! Instead of focusing purely on book reviews and short stories, this iteration of the blog will include poetry and essays as well. To reflect this change, I’ve renamed it “Fireletter Press”. Please have a read and comment if you like what you see 🙂