And alone in my room

Staring at the plaster flowers on my ceiling
Like concrete sunflowers,
Blooming in the light of my eyes
So blue and yellow
Dichotomy at the core of me

Warm and loving,
Cold and lonely
I prefer it that way

How dangerous,
How horrible,
How hard and vulnerable it is to love

I have loved you from afar,
Hot and cold and green and gold

Sunflowers, white against my fingertips
Chalky tongues and teeth-less gums

And soft brown wood, the slats of my blinds

Open, close
open, close

Hide and seek with my own reflection
If I can’t see you, you can’t see me!

So I hope,
and so it seems

Alone in a room of wood and plaster,
Waiting for the soft sweet darkness of the night
To embrace me
In sunflowers and the absence of light.

6 thoughts on “Mellow”

  1. …such a smart, insightful writer. So excited to see future projects as you develop your voice and style. Can’t believe you’re so young with so much ‘timbre’ already.


  2. Absolutely beautiful. I see you in the room, I see the concrete sunflowers…and, I see myself there, too.

    Much love.

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