And weightless on my feet
Falling back into the rhythms of the moment,
the diamantine cuts of the soul
in this new city
Remove, adjust, edit, repeat
Speaking in new tongues
– the cadence is changed
Up where it fell down, gravity taken from
beneath my feet and
I am weightless

Throwing lungs out of my body and
exclaiming into stardust,
As she floats into the sky and
crashes down to earth
In the strange dance of multilingualism,
The verse of the planets fades
Into the song of Shakespeare’s Dark Lady

Do you know the name of things,
the shame of things,
the way of things in this turning of time,
I know not, naught, nothing
— and yet everything
The stars are shedding all their sins
And I fall with them,
Body collapsing,
Legs glowing underwater,
Luminous in reflection and lost to the waves
All is air and fresh despair

And why is it that my voice,
when it speaks,
Connects only to threads and fails,
Trapeze artist falling and flying, weightless
on desire for the ground,
Horse beats hitting the pavement,
The rush of grounding cinnamon,
sigh and taste the salt,
The message of revolt,
Unintended consequences – Slow





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